PensiveSpecial people, special places…

Special people

Lively, honest and sympathetic  portraits and figures capturing a mood or a moment in time.

Call or email me to discuss how you would like your portrait or figure drawing to be  done-  how big,  a sketchy or a more finished work, and the mood of it.   I use various mediums and will be pleased  to advise if you are not sure what would be best.

My style is accurate but quite free  – your painting will not come out looking like a photograph.

I prefer to work from life but if this is not possible for any reason, I can work from good quality photographs which should be detailed, animated, or showing the subject’s mood or character (preferably all of these).  These will be returned to you.

Sitting for a portrait or life study

If you are interested in this, please phone me to discuss.  You can attend sittings where I work in Rochester.  I can sometimes arrange to do drawn sketches at your home (women) location and transport links permitting, e.g London and north Kent areas.   I work very quickly and no more than one or two sittings will be required for a powerful drawing, and a few more for a painting.     People can be nervous of sitting but some  find it in fact  quite relaxing.  A sitting usually lasts around two hours, with breaks as needed.  A comfortable room, tea or coffee and biscuits will be provided and you will be seated in a position which is mutually agreed on  and of course comfortable to you.   Contrary to what people often think, it is not necessary to keep completely still whilst sitting for a portrait.  Talking is allowed  –  though not mandatory!



I prefer to do some sketches from life if possible, and can also work from photos,  which will be returned to you when I have finished.  As with human subjects, photos should be animated, detailed, showing the mood or character of the animal, or preferably, all these.


Special places

Do you have a favourite place or landscape  which has a special meaning or memories for you?   – maybe somewhere you’ve visited, where you grew up, or  that reminds you of someone.   I can interpret a good quality photograph in various ways.  If you are interested in exploring this,  email or phone me to discuss how you would like this done, in terms of the medium (painting, pastel etc), the  size, and how you want it done.  I will be pleased to help you with some ideas if needed.

“A corner of the garden”

I have a particular interest in flower painting – see many examples under ‘Flowers’ and ”Landscapes and gardens’, and the above equally applies to a garden scene.    A good photograph, which will be returned to you, will be the starting point.If you are not sure how you want your garden or landscape interpreted, I will use my own ideas, in consultation with you.

Timescale for commissions

The timescale within which the work is to be completed will be agreed before taking on any commission, and will depend on the type of commission – a drawing can often be completed in a single session; a painting takes longer.


The total cost will be agreed beforehand and I will require a  non-returnable deposit of £50  for a painting.   Please call to discuss.

Gift Vouchers available 

in multiples of £10.  Your voucher will come in the form of an A5 card printed in high quality art paper  in the image of your choice.